The Positive Effect of Media for Children and Teenagers

The Positive Effect of Media for Children and Teenagers
Are there any media benefits for children and teenagers? Yes! Television, movies, computer games and the internet can be a positive influence on your child, especially if you get involved when your child is using them and help your child make good choices. The raising Children website was discussing about the benefits of media for our child. It can classify into three categories, for younger, older children and teenagers.
First, for younger children, the developmental benefits of media include developing, literacy skills, for example, learning letters of the alphabet through programs such as Play School and Sesame Street, or through educational computer games and apps like Teach Your Monster to Read, numeracy skills, for example, learning to count or identify shapes through programs including Sesame Street and Play School and social skills, for example, learning cooperation by watching TV programs and using computer games and apps like Zuma, and websites such as ABC for Kids, which show cooperative and helping behavior.
Second, for, there are intellectual benefits, for example, developing problem solving and critical thinking skills by playing computer games designed to develop these skills, or developing ethical thinking by comparing family values with values in fiction or documentaries, educational benefits, for example, encouraging reading, particularly after watching a program or movie based on a book, social benefits, for example, joining online clubs such as Club Penguin, which teach children strategies for effectively and safely using social networking sites, or playing computer games with friends and family and creative benefits, for example, developing skills in imagination, art and modelling, music and media, through using software and apps like My Story or Bubl Draw, or being inspired to make something by a TV show.
Third, Teenagers can develop their: reading, writing and critical thinking skills through using blogs and chat rooms social skills through connecting with others on social networking sites political and social awareness by watching news, current affairs and documentaries, or reading about issues online values through observing good role models in the media. Children can be media creators, not just consumers. Making their own movies, taking photographs, and creating online content can help them develop critical thinking, social, technical and artistic skills.
You can help your child get media benefits by being involved with your child and her use of media, for example, you can visit quality websites together, encourage your child to use educational software, and view TV shows that offer extra learning opportunities. When you’re watching TV and movies together, try discussing how the plot works, how your child feels about what’s happening and what would happen in real life if you behaved badly or illegally.

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